Kristen Bell Appears On "Liv And Maddie", Discusses Hollywood Double Standards

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Kristen Bell is no doubt one of Hollywood's most outspoken feminists and she is taking it to a whole new generation of young actresses.

Kristen Bell filmed an appearance recently on the Disney show Liv and Maddie. She appears as herself and helps the character Liv address a reporter who asks obnoxious and sexist questions.

Kristen Bell is hoping the show will shed some light on the red carpet double standard.

In reality, Kristen Bell thinks that women on the red carpet are only asked about their appearance and who designed the clothes they're wearing.

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Kristen Bell simply wants to be asked more important questions and she is helping to train the next generation of starlets to expect more from reporters who might ask dumb questions by default.

Kristen Bell explains the context of the episode, saying, "Liv hits the red carpet and runs into me and we sort of talk about the fact that we've been asked really boring, appearance-based questions on the red carpet and we decide to change it."

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In the video, Kristen Bell also opened up about her own real-life experiences on the red carpet and other interviews.

She said, "I would like to be asked anything but superficial questions. I think you have an opportunity to talk about who you are and your opinions on things."

What do you think? Does Kristen Bell have a point about ridiculous interview questions for women?

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