Kris Jenner Wants to Help Bruce Jenner's Transition, Kourtney Kardashian Pleads Her Case

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Kris Jenner has been at odds with Bruce Jenner ever since word of his transition from a man to a woman made headlines. She was horrified when word of his breast implant surgery hit the news. Now it seems Kris Jenner has had a change of heart, and wants to help Bruce Jenner become the best woman he can be. She enlisted the help of daughter Kourtney Kardashian to plead her case in front of the former Olympic runner.

“Kourtney has been playing mediator between Bruce and Kris because she is the only one that Bruce will listen to out of the three Kardashian girls,” a source tells RadarOnline.

“Kris asked Kourtney for her help because really wanted to talk to Bruce face to face," the source adds.

Kris Jenner supposedly “wanted to let Bruce know that she is now fully supportive of his transition to and she also wants to be involved in the process.”

Do you think Bruce Jenner will fall for that after all Kris has done to alienate him in recent months? Does it sound a bit suspicious to you?

“Kris thinks that she can help Bruce become the classy woman that he is looking to become because she sees herself as the epitome of class,” the source continues.

Does Bruce Jenner want to emulate Kris Jenner? Probably not. He may still love her dearly, but he's watched her 'momager' ways and how she operates in search of financial success instead of family peace and happiness.

“Also, she wanted to discuss the family and the future of their empire with him. Bruce and Kris knowingly put this whole entire thing into place because that is what they wanted when they were together," the source explains.

Now the real reason for Kris Jenner's visit becomes a bit clearer.

“Now that that the family is clearly being torn apart, Kris just wants to work with him and try to put the pieces back together.”

Sadly, most anything Kris Jenner does is to benefit the Keeping Up With the Kardashians franchise and her empire of wealth and fame. She has become so involved in the business end of her 'family business' that the 'family' part is nothing but an after thought.

So how did Kris's visit with Bruce Jenner--with Kourtney Kardashian along as the buffer--turn out?

A friend of the Kardashian family tells Radar, “It went well, but he is obviously still very hesitant to let her be involved."

Can anyone blame him?

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