Kris Jenner Talks Family and Google

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If you haven’t noticed, the Kardashian/Jenner family always seems to be in the headlines. The media is constantly focused on one of the family members or another.

It seems like most of the family members don’t mind the attention. Between Kourtney and Scott’s relationship problems, Kendall’s modeling career, Kim's marriage to Kanye, Khloe’s divorce and Kris's own divorce from Bruce, there is enough drama to keep fans reading for weeks at a time.

Kris, the family matriarch, recently addressed a lot of headlines and rumors involving the family on Beyond Candid With Giuliana.

One of the rumors she laughed about and admitted was true was the one that claims that she Googles her own children and family members.

Rumors suggest that Kris is so obsessed with her family’s fame that she Googles them to see how they are represented in the media and whether or not they are being talked about.

Kris jokingly said that she has Google alerts set to notify her of her family members’ locations.

When Giuliana asked about the rumors, Kris replied,

“Sometimes! Sometimes I want to know where everybody is. I have a Google alert set on my kids.”

Kris manages most of her family members and said that she stays busy. She also recently filed for divorce from her husband Bruce.

Bruce and Kris separated last October and although they are legally going their separate ways, they both claim that they are still close friends and will always be a family.

In spite of all the drama that goes on in her life, Kris says that she is very thankful for her family and her life and feels blessed.

She also said that while Bruce will always have a special place in her heart, she is hoping to fall in love again someday.

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