Kris Jenner Opens Up About Her Previous Marriages In Startling Interview

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On Sunday, the original “momager” Kris Jenner appeared on the E! interview special Beyond Candid With Giuliana. On the show, Kris laid bare her secrets to Giuliana Rancic, including what it was like to be married to defense lawyer Robert Kardashian and Olympian Bruce Jenner.

Kris revealed that she still has regrets about the end of her marriage to the late Kardashian. The 50-year-old admitted to Giuliana that she had a torrid love affair while she was married to her lawyer husband.

“I wasn’t mature enough to know that marriage has its ups and downs,” Kris said. She claimed that they drifted apart from each other after 10 years of marriage.

Despite the end of their relationship, Kris said that she took Robert’s cancer diagnosis hard. “It was so surreal, the knowledge he had cancer was one thing, but to think it would actually take his life, I never in a million years thought that would happen to him,” said Kris.

Robert and Kris were married from 1978 to 1991. Kris revealed that she went on her first date with Bruce a few weeks after her divorce from Robert, having been set up by the wife of former baseball star Steve Garvey. They married just five months later.

Robert and Bruce apparently had “a united front” about the Kardashian kids, putting their needs first. Kris said that the fact that Robert would have his children over every other weekend helped her marriage with Bruce because it gave them some time alone.

It was managing Bruce’s speaking engagements that reportedly gave her the skills to manage her children’s careers today. Kris revealed that she still feels sad about ending their marriage of 25 years.

“I feel like I failed at something because I wanted it to be that relationship for the rest of my life. When I realized that it wasn’t then you want the next best thing and that’s an amazing friendship,” she said.

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