Kirstie Alley Clears ‘Circus Fat’ Comment

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Kirstie Alley cleared the issue about what she said in her Jenny Craig advertisement that was released on Monday. In the ad, the 63-year-old actress said, “I’m not circus fat, I just wanna lose 20 pounds.”

The term “circus fat” angered many and they turned to Twitter for their harsh comments against the actress saying that what she said was offensive and demeaning.

Alley was forced to explain what she meant during an interview for Today with Matt Lauer. She said that she did not mean to be offensive. In another explanation on “Diets in Review,” Alley said, “That’s how I see me,” referring to herself and not overweight people in general.

Alley defends her "circus fat" comment

The actress is known to poke fun at her own weight. She has been very open to the public with her journey to weight loss, too. Recently, Alley said that she wants to lose 30 pounds.

This is not the first time Alley will be working with Jenny Craig, the nutrition and weight loss company. In 2004, Alley was able to lose a total of 75 pounds that can be attributed to the company’s healthy pre-packaged meals. This is the second time Alley has endorsed the company, since she resigned as Jenny Craig’s spokeswoman in 2007.

In her interview with Lauer, she said that she has regained some of the pounds that she lost due to holiday eating and “man troubles.” The public has seen her weight go up and down through the years, but Alley claims that she has lost 100 pounds since leaving Jenny Craig in 2007. The additional weight loss is said to be because of a weight loss program she co-developed called “Organic Liaison.”

Alley will now be sticking to Jenny Craig meals and taking supplements from her own line to help shed her 30-pound weight loss goal.

Here's the ad. Was it offensive?

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