Kirsten Dunst Says Most Roles Are Wife Or Mother And "That's Pretty Much It"

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Kirsten Dunst spoke about her Fargo character recently in an interview, revealing what drew her to the role on the eccentric Coen brothers' show. Dunst says that Peggy Blumquist was so different from any character she'd ever read for, which says a lot about the roles available to women in Hollywood.

Dunst told People Magazine that Peggy was written as a bit crazy, but was also a small-town resident with bigger dreams, which some may find relatable.

"She was written so crazy. She was a hoarder, and she wanted to be a hairdresser in California ... you just don't read things like that. You're either a wife or a mother and that's pretty much it, you know," Kirsten said.

Dunst must have struck a chord with quite a few people during her time on the second season of the show, because she was naed Best Actress at the People's Choice Awards over the weekend.

Dunst said recently that she was required to put on a little weight for the role, and in order to put on a few pounds she turned to carbs. The actress says she enjoyed eating bread and cheese when it was time to alter her body for the show.

It's unclear weather the movie star will be open to doing another television show if the opportunity arises; she told the Guardian recently that television is much harder than film simply because of the amount of work that has to be done in one day.

“Doing a television show is much, much harder work than film, because you’re doing 10 pages a day. You don’t get that many takes. And my character does not stop talking." In order to memorize her lines, she says, her trick is "doing it a bunch of times the night before, right before bed… and then you sleep and it’s like: ‘Oh my God, it’s all in my brain.’ It’s amazing!”

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