Kirsten Dunst Loved Packing on the Pounds for Fargo Role


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Kirsten Dunst pretty much got to live out everyone's dream, as her job required her to sit around eating all day.

Living. The. Dream.

Dunst stars on the new season of FX's critically-acclaimed drama Fargo and the role, a Midwestern hairdresser named Peggy Blomquist, required her to gain some weight.

And apparently, she loved doing it.

"Is it a nightmare or is it a fun thing to gain weight for a role?" Jimmy Kimmel asked Dunst on his show this week.

"Well listen," said Dunst with a smile. "I was in Calgary and it was cold, so I ordered in a lot of pizza, lot of Thai – I just had different stuff, grilled cheese, different cheeses and breads together."

"Now I'm like I gained weight for this role but really I just sat in my bed and watched Friday Night Lights and like, ate."

Check out the interview below:

Dunst, a movie star, hasn't spent a ton of time on the small screen. But she did recently reveal what drew her to her new role on Fargo:

"When I heard about the role, I watched the first season, which I hadn’t watched before. I was so impressed by the way it looked, the writing; it was such high-quality television. Then I read the first two episodes and I thought, “Wow, Peggy is gonna be a special role. Whatever trajectory she’s going on is going to be fun for me to play.” Then I met Noah (Hawley) and expressed how much I wanted to play the role. On the way home, he gave me the job. That was a pretty quick response on his end," Dunst told Variety.