Kirsten Dunst Doesn't Know What Or Who Saint West Is

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The Kardashians may be reality TV’s royal family, but not everyone is paying attention to their drama and silly antics.

Kirsten Dunst appeared on The Tonight Show on Friday to play catchphrase with host Jimmy Fallon, actor Will Smith, and The Roots’ Tariq, where they have to guess the topics being acted out.

Smith and Tariq teamed up against Dunst and the TV host. Guessing from a variety of pop culture topics, Fallon and Dunst easily got the right answers for topics like “Can of Whoop Ass,” “Beatbox” and “North Pole.”

However, they had a problem with one topic: “Saint West.” Apparently the talented actress had no idea who or what a “Saint West” was. It seemed the Fargo actress is not keeping up with the famous Kardashians despite the news being dominated by the reality TV family.

Dunst picked up the card that reads “Saint West,” but the actress, unaware that it was the name of Kimye’s newborn baby and the newest addition to the growing Kardashian clan, was obviously baffled.

“What is that?” Dunst asked to which the audience laughed. Dunst, clearly unable to process who or what a Saint West is, tossed the card away and picked another one. With her busy schedule, it is not surprising that she did not have time to spare for some Kardashian updates.

Meanwhile, actor and rapper Will Smith was unsuccessful in portraying Star Wars’ Darth Vader during the catchphrase match. He apparently forgot what Darth Vader sounds like, but he and the other guests seemed to enjoy the game.

Dunst is nominated for her work on Fargo while Smith, who played with her on the show, has been recognized for his role in his upcoming drama movie Concussion.

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