'Kinect Sports Rivals' Finally Coming in April

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Kinect Sports Rivals was supposed to be the Wii Sports of the Xbox One. The launch title that could somewhat justify the mandatory use of the Kinect peripheral and bring something less bloody to the Xbox One's launch lineup.

Like many of the Xbox One's multiplayer features, however, Kinect Sports Rivals was delayed past launch. Though Microsoft provided Xbox One owners with an extended "Preseason" free trial of the game's modes, it's clear that the delay was a disappointment for the publisher.

Today Microsoft announced that Kinect Sports Rivals will finally be launching in full on April 8. The company also made a point to state the game will be rendered in 1080p, though the game's frame rate wasn't mentioned.

In addition to the release date, Microsoft today previewed the three teams players will be able to choose from in the game. Each team sports a different look, attitude, and equipment loadout.

The Wolf Clan wears a lot of red and are styled as low-tech island natives. The glowy-purple Viper Network is heavy on technology. The Eagle Legion are the white and white-wearing preppy people. All of these teams and their over-the-top personalities are previewed in a new Kinect Sports Rivals trailer:

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