Kindergarten Brawl Breaks Out Over Spilled Juice

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A kindergarten brawl at a Cleveland school was caused by the most innocuous of incidents - spilled juice.

The AP reports that a brawl broke out at the Michael R. White Elementary School during a graduation ceremony on Friday. At the end of it all, eight people were arrested.

The brawl reportedly started with some spilled juice. After that, two teenage girls began to fight. The families soon joined in. At the end of it all, it was revealed that two of the people involved in the fight brandished a pipe and a hammer.

Even with the heavy weaponry, nobody was hurt in the fight. The police still booked eight people for a count of aggravated rioting. Charges may be filed against those involved after prosecutors have a chance to review everything.

After the fight was broken up, parents were allowed into the school to collect their children. As you would expect, some parents are scared for the future safety of their children. One parent in particular said that the fight makes her "not want to send them [to school] for the rest of the school year."

The city has also chimed in on the incident with city councilman Jeff Johnson saying that any parent involved in the fight should be barred from school grounds. He said that the city is "not going to have people coming into our schools, being disrespectful, fighting."

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