Kim Raver Will Return in "24: Live Another Day"

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Now "24" fans have more news to cheer about! After announcing plans for a "24" reboot entitled "24:Live Another Day", Fox Broadcasting Company announced that Kim Raver and William Devane will join the forming cast in their former roles as Audrey Raines and her father, Secretary of Defense James Heller.

Kim Raver, also known for her roles on "Third Watch," "The Nine" and "Lipstick Jungle," was most recently featured on "Revolution" and "Grey's Anatomy. William Devane is best known for his role on "Knots Landing," and recently played the president in "The Dark Knight Rises". They join an already exciting original cast line-up with Keifer Sutherland as the butt-kicking, nation-defending Jack Bauer, and Mary Lynn Rajskub as the concurrently awkward and awesome Chloe O'Brian.

The reboot, expected to premiere in May 2014, will be set in London, according to MSN. Hopefully, it will fill in some blanks from the end of the last series, which lasted 6 seasons. In the finale, Jack is saying goodbye to a comatose Audrey Raines. So...obviously she didn't die. Will her and Jack be a couple? They could be married with kids by now! But that would be kinda boring...

Maybe they will reunite after years of Jack hopelessly wandering the globe, assuming his lady love is dead, systematically pushing people away so that they don't get hurt. Because everyone he loves gets hurt! Audrey will have gone undercover for the U.S. government since the world thinks she's dead, but she just can't help but to let Jack know she's still alive, and still carries a flickering flame for him alone....Sorry.

According to, "24: Live Another Day" begins several years later, so the possibilities are endless. All we can be sure of, is that Jack will forever be the tragic hero, saving the country and the people he loves from nefarious no-goodnicks from all over the world. We really have nothing to fear!

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