Kim Pham Dies From Brutal Attack Outside of Nightclub


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A 23-year-old graduate of Chapman University died Tuesday after a brutal attack outside of a nightclub left her on life support.

"She had so much to give back, so much to experience and it was cut so short,” said her uncle as he reflected back on the life of his niece.

Kim Pham, who most say to be witty and charming, was beaten to death on Saturday while waiting in line outside of the Crosby club in Santa Ana, Calif.

Apparently, a fight broke out among her friends and another group of people. It’s unknown what caused the confrontation, but one friend has reported to investigators that the group became furious when Pham and her friends cut in front of their camera during a photo capturing moment.

In a very short video of the vicious attack, it shows what seem to be five people ganging up on the victim. Pham was hit multiple times and stomped to the ground.

When police arrived to the scene, Pham was unresponsive. She was then rushed to a local hospital where she was declared as brain dead.(image)

One woman has been arrested in connection to Pham’s death.

“People have come forward that have provided us with videos and have come in,” said a police official in regards to the detained suspect. “And provided statements that have given detectives enough information to believe that this person was involved in at least the physical part of this altercation.”

Authorities are still in search for the remaining suspects.

As an aspiring TV personality, Pham’s life was full of accomplishments and dreams. One in particular was contributing to a collection of essays, one being titled “Pho for Life.”

According to the executive director Mai Bui, he told LA Times that she was a big part of the project and even then helped him with a fundraiser for tsunami victims in Japan.

"She did everything she could to make it a success,” he said.

Pham lost her mother to breast cancer at the age of five and eventually became an advocate. Those closed to her said that she used to visit her mother’s grave often, which commonly helped her create some of her most personal and heart-felt essays.

Here is a video of Pham during an interview about "Pho for Life." It shows just how camera ready she was:

Here is a news report on the incident:

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