Kim Kardashian: Where Were The A-List Guests?


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Reality television star and professional attention whore Kim Kardashian and her superficially-enchanted and ego-maniacal rapper beau Kanye West officially tied the knot in Florence, Italy over the weekend.

As gossip-crazed media outlets hyped up the event, it was clear that everyone involved expected this to be treated like an American version of a royal wedding.

The problem is that when true royalty weds, there's usually an A-List guest list that is more than happy to fly out and see the blushing bride married off to the proud groom.

Now, this isn't to say there weren't any famous names in attendance for the "Kimye" wedding.

Hollywood Reporter pointed out that in addition to pretty much the entire Keeping Up With The Kardashians cast, there was also tennis star Serena Williams and singer Lana Del Rey, who performed.

However, hardly anyone on the guest list boasted about by the gossip site could be counted to rise into B-list name recognition.

One commenter on the Hollywood Reporter article made this rather telling observation:

"All the celebrities invited are a cacophony of D and C listers at best where as her wedding with Kris Humphries have more elite well known ones at least. Valentino must be feeling sorry for giving this two try hard a brunch celebration in his villa."

Imagine having a 72-day marriage to a man not nearly as famous as West being able to boast a better guest list at the wedding. Yikes!

It should also be noted that Kardashian was apparently married in a Givenchy wedding dress.

Also noticeably absent from the day's affairs were Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and husband Jay-Z.

Many speculated that the power couple would attend with rapper Jay-Z practically pigeon-holed as the best man.

The pair decided that they'd rather spend Memorial Day weekend in The Hamptons than go to Italy.

Some blame their absence on the recent debacle involving a much publicized fight between Jay-Z and Solange Knowles in an elevator.

Perhaps the ultimately lackluster guest list is a sign that for all the desperation to put Kim Kardashian and Kanye West into the top class of world celebrities, these people aren't nearly as popular or respected as presumed.

It's uncertain which clock onlookers will be watching with more interest: The one ticking down to the pair's eventual divorce (narcissists rarely can stomach competing for attention for too long...) or their eventual irrelevancy.

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