Kim Kardashian: Hollywood App Dissapoints, Falls Way Short Of $200M Revenue Mark

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After breaking the Internet with her titillating cover for Paper Magazine, it appears that Kim Kardashian won’t be breaking any app store records as her gaming app, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, is disappointingly slipping off the top charts.

The app was released back in June and was an instant success, raking in downloads from different mobile platforms worldwide. The app earned over a million dollars during its first week on the market and it managed to entice more than 20 million players worldwide.

It was projected that the popular celebrity’s app could earn as much as $200 million for Glu Mobile, the developer who published the game. A recent report from Yahoo Finance stated that the game is expected to fall short from its projected revenue. While Kardashian’s app was a fixture of Apple Store’s Top 5 apps, it gradually fell from the charts over the holiday season.


Stocks for the publisher continues to plummet after it peaked at $7.60 last July. The game earned a disappointing $43 million during its third quarter. Their fourth quarter earnings from last year will be released next month. The wife of Kanye West reportedly owns 45% of the net profit, adding over $20 million in her bank account.

The game lets users create their own Hollywood star. Gamers compete to become a famous Hollywood celebrity in the game by going on various quests to reach the A-list status. The game featured Kim’s mother Kris Jenner and her sister Khloe. Kourtney was however, noticeably absent after demanding to be paid for her likeness. Kourtney threatened her famous sibling with legal action and even sent a cease and desist letter that was directed at Kim. Kourtney eventually dropped the threat.

Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan followed suit and released a similar app called “The Price of Fame” just recently. Unlike the Kardashian app, Lohan’s game was even more disappointing as it failed to even crack the list of highest-grossing apps on Apple’s app store.

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