Kim Kardashian Fires Back at Carls, Jr.

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Kim Kardashian is having a war of words with Carls Jr.

Kim Kardashian appeared in a Carl's Jr. ad -- you know, the kind with scantily-clad hot models scarfing down huge Carl's Jr. meat, sometimes spilling it on their bodies. But Kim Kardashian did not appear in a a big burger ad. She appeared in a salad ad. Now the CEO of Carls Jr. has spoken out about why Kim Kardashian did salad instead of beef. And his story is not going over well with the Kim K camp.

"We used Kim Kardashian in an ad. But Kim really couldn't eat the burgers," Carl's Jr. CEO Andy Puzder told the AP. "Luckily, we had a salad we were promoting, so we used Kim in the salad ad."

"But if we had not been promoting a salad, we probably never would've done an ad with Kim, because she wasn't good at eating the burger," he added. "She's too tiny. She's really little."

Puzder went on to talk about the general feel they are looking for in models they cast in their commercials. You can't be shy about attacking the meat.

"First of all, you really need to be able to eat the burger like you're loving it," he said. "We don't want somebody that's going to go out there and say, 'Well, I don't eat burgers.' You really have to go at it. You really have to attack it."

Kim Kardashian's people are firing back at that statement, saying it was not Carls Jr. who decided Kim needed to do salad, it was hers. They say that Kim Kardashian was releasing a fitness DVD at the time and wanted to do something that better fit her image in that environment.

As for being tiny, Healthy Celeb lists Kim Kardashian's height at 5 feet 2 1/2 inches, and her weight at 139 pounds.

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