Kim Goldman Not Happy With New O.J. Simpson TV Series, Says Her Brother Ron Was A Hero

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Kim Goldman, whose brother Ron Goldman was brutally stabbed to death alongside Nicole Brown Simpson more than 20 years ago, is not one of the many people raving about FX mini-series American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson.

The series, which premiered its first season on Tuesday, revisits the so-called “trial of the century,” which put former Buffalo Bill O.J. Simpson as the prime suspect of the dual murders. The first episode garnered the highest ratings of any FX show, and while audiences are fascinated by the events of the controversial trial, Kim Goldman says that it has brought back a lot of painful memories to her family.

In an appearance on TODAY on Wednesday, Kim Goldman expressed her disappointment over the show’s lack of acknowledgment for her brother’s bravery and loyalty.

"What I think is unfortunately going to get lost in this is that my brother was doing a good deed. (He) walked in on what we believe was a horrific crime and he didn't run," said a tearful Goldman.

“They don't show that in this and that really sucks. My brother could've run and saved his own life and he stayed to help his friend. I want people to remember my brother was a hero."

The sole portrayal of Ron Goldman in the episode is seen in the opening scene, in which a neighbor of Nicole’s discovers the two dead bodies.  The series consists of ten episodes, so it remains to be seen whether Ron’s story will be given any airtime in the succeeding nine.

Ron Goldman was 25 years old at the time of his murder. He had been working as a waiter at the trendy Italian restaurant Mezzaluna Trattoria, which Nicole Brown Simpson and her friends frequented. Ron had stopped by Nicole’s condo to drop off her mother’s eyeglasses when he was suddenly attacked and stabbed to death just outside the front gate.

Kim Goldman is not Happy with the New O.J. Docu-Series

“I’m forced now to have to endure this week after week,” said Kim Goldman about the harrowing experience of seeing people talking about the case.

O.J. Simpson was infamously acquitted of the murder charges, although he was later found liable for wrongful death and battery against Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

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