'Killer is Dead' Coming to PC in May

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Last summer the latest Suda51 game made its way to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Killer is Dead was released to lukewarm reviews and controversy surrounding its bawdy, quasi-misogynist "Gigolo Mode." Even so, the game's flashy art style and uncompromising grindhouse aesthetics gave it a cult following during a relatively slow summer game season.

Now Deep Silver is bringing Killer is Dead to the PC. The publisher today announced that the game will hit PC on May 9. It will cost only $20 and will include extra content not seen in the console version of the game.

Killer is Dead puts players into the shoes of Mondo Zappa an "executioner" and ladies man tasked with disposing of super-criminals. Mondo also has a bionic left arm that can transform into a number of different weapons.

The PC version of Killer is Dead will feature a higher "Nightmare Mode" difficulty setting. Players using that difficulty will be unable to finish off enemies using anything but the abilities Adrenaline Burst and Dodge Burst, or using a head shot. This restriction includes the quicktime event "Final Judgement" moves.

In addition to the difficulty level the PC version will include the "Smooth Operator" pre-order DLC released for the console versions and a theater mode where players can re-watch cut-scenes and try to piece together what exactly the game is about.

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