Kiki Bertens Loses To Comeback Star Andrea Petkovic

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Kiki Bertens was defeated on Monday at the French Open by Andrea Petkovic 1-6, 6-2, 7-5. Bertens had a good long run, but was not able to withstand Petkovic's flying comeback.

Petkovic's career was at a stand still only about 18 months ago and the fallen tennis star, plagued by injuries, was looking into a change in career. Petkovic was studying political science, philosophy, and literature.

"I asked for some internships at newspapers," said Petkovic. "I was also writing for kind of a big newspaper in Germany for a while, and I asked a few politicians that I know if I could do an internship with them."

Luckily for the world of the red clay, she bounced back big time from being ranked 143rd to residing now at the number nine spot and has swung her way into a Grand Slam quarterfinal again.

Although, even though her career as a tennis player is back with a vengeance, she knows she can't play tennis forever, and always has her eyes open for her next move. She loves learning and loves reading philosophy.

"Philosophy-wise, Nietzsche is the one that impressed me most. I don't necessarily agree with everything he says and it's very dark and sad, but he was a good writer," she said. "I actually really liked the existentialists in French. I read a lot of (Jean-Paul) Sartre and (Albert) Camus."

But could her love for learning translate into a career as a teacher? Probably not.

"I would love to be able to do that, but I have no patience whatsoever," she said.

As far as Kiki Bertens is concerned, it's back to the racket and court for her. The 22-year-old still has a long and promising career to get ready for. What did you think of Monday's matches?

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