Kids Win Puppy from Stubborn Parents by Getting a Million Facebook Likes

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Most of the time you can be sure that your "like" or "share" on Facebook is about as useful as "hoping" it will come true. Share this photo 5 million times and this sick little boy gets a new kidney? Nope. Like this photo and I may split my lottery winnings with you? HAH, nope.

Like this photo and me and my siblings will get a brand new puppy? Yeah! Wait, what?

A couple of girls have successfully completed a Facebook like campaign in order to receive a new puppy. Five siblings from Massachusetts wanted a new dog after their old one died of cancer, but the parents were being a-holes reluctant. So, they told the kids that they could have a puppy if they could get a million Facebook likes. Simple enough, right?

Well, actually, yes. Here's what the two oldest girls posted on their "Twogirlsandapuppy" Facebook page:

"Hi, We're two sisters and we desperately want a puppy. We have three little brothers, too. Yes, we have five kids in our family. We lost our dog several months ago to cancer. We really want another one but our parents are reluctant. Then the other day we saw a brother and sister on facebook post a picture saying that their dad would let them get a dog if they get a ton of likes. We got our dad to agree to it! He said if we get 1 million likes we get a new puppy. He doesn't think we can do it."

In less than a day (13 hours, to be exact), the cover photo you see above had garnered a million likes.

"Our profile picture just hit 1,000,000. Mom and Dad are officially stunned. Will have five ecstatic kids in the morning," posted the dad on the page.

The photo currently sits at over 1.6 million likes. It looks like the Cordell family will receive that puppy after all. In an appearance on Good Morning America, the dad said that he simply didn't think it would spread that far, so fast. Welcome to Facebook, buddy.

For those of you concerned about the source of the dog you made happen with your likes, the family says that they will get a rescue from either a local shelter or a rescue organization.

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