Kickstarter Tops $100M in Film Project Pledges

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Online crowdfunding leader Kickstarter is touting a new milestone - its first $100 million project category. The company has just announced that over $100M has been pledged to independent film since the site opened up in April of 2009.

$102.7M, to be exact. Out of that total, $85.7M has been collected from 891,979 total backers. This money has been used to successfully fund 8,567 projects - a truly amazing accomplishment.

According to Kickstarter, Documentary is the leading film category for pledges with $42.64M. That's followed by Narrative Film with $31.74M and Short Film with $16.68M. Over 3,000 short films and over 5,000 feature-length films have been successfully funded since 2009.

According to Kickstarter's stats page, Film is the first category to top $100M in pledges. Games are the next most-pledged category with $86.77M, and Design comes in third with $63.18M.

A few months ago, Kickstarter declared 2012 the "Year of the Game," as more money was currently pledged for Games than any other type of project on the site. But if 2012 was a big year for indie games (which it was), the entire Kickstarter experiment has been all about indie films.

Kickstarter has some cool stats about the impact of its successfully funded films. For instance, 86 of the funded films have been released theatrically with 14 coming in 2013. Kickstarter-funded films have snatched up 21 awards at festivals like Sundance, SXSW, and Tribeca.

And five different documentaries are on the Oscars shortlist this year, including this one called The Waiting Room.

"This would be a very impressive track record for an established studio or production company. To see these results come from outside the system in such a short time is even more inspiring. Filmmakers and audiences have come together on Kickstarter to make the movies they want to see while protecting the filmmaker's vision for their work," says Kickstarter.

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