Kickstarter Panhandlers Are "Not As Bad As Child Molesters, But Close"

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Crowdsourced funding site Kickstarter says that it is a way to "fund & follow creativity," but the folks at The Onion have a different opinion of the site. To them, it's all an internet scam that features beggars peddling a bunch of stuff nobody really needs.

Harsh, I know. But you have to admit, for every interesting, well-thought-out, deserving project you find on the site - there are at least a couple duds. For every awesome zombie RPG, iPad to Etch-a-Sketch converter, iPhone-ready bra, and nifty little tin can USB phone, there are a couple dozen Ron Paul video game ideas and as*hole alarm clocks waiting to suck you dry.

Not to mention the well-intentioned but slightly delusional NYU grads and their "projects."

Check out how The Onion is warning people about the threat of Kickstarter below:

Mashable says that this video is the season premiere of The Onion's Tech Trends series. It joins shows like "This Week in History," "War for the White House," and "O-SPAN," in The Onion's rotation of satirical hilarity.

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