Kickstarter Gets a Like Button for Project Updates

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You could always show your support for a specific Kickstarter project by sharing it on Facebook or Twitter, or of course backing it with some of your hard-earned cash.

Now, you can show you're on board with the latest news from project creators by clicking Kickstarter's new like button.

According to Kickstarter, the new like button will appear in three different places - on the actual project page with the updates, in emails about updates, and inside the Kickstarter app.

"Next time you get an update from a project you're backing and it makes you smile, why not let the project creator know it? With a new feature we just launched, you can! All Project Updates now include a Kickstarter-specific 'Like' button. Backers can 'Like' an update on site, in the Project Update email, or in the Kickstarter App! When you do, we’ll send the creator an email letting them know, and you’ll be credited on the update itself," says Kickstarter's Michael McGregor.

In other Kickstarter news, the crowdfunding site just launched in Canada last month and recently announced that they will open up to projects in Australia soon.

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