Khloe Kardashian's Nipples Steal The Show

Amanda CrumLife

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None of the Kardashian sisters seem to be overburdened with modesty, so it should come as no surprise that Khloe's debut as co-host of "The X-Factor" last night was upstaged by her boobs.

Wearing a sheer, dramatically-plunging top without a bra would make a lot of girls self-conscious, but not Khloe. In fact, when Simon Cowell voiced his concern that the "air conditioning must be on high", she laughed it off and insisted that he was enjoying himself.

"It's very distracting," he replied.

The entire episode seemed sexually charged, with flirtation flying between several of the judges and performers. Adam Brock, who performed a raucous Vegas-style number complete with an explosion of glitter, even tried to pinch Mario Lopez's butt.

“Oh! We gotta keep it PG-13 up here, buddy,” Mario replied.

Amanda Crum
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