Kevin Trudeau: Prosecutors Want Him To Serve At Least 10 Years In Jail

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Kevin Trudeau, a fraud and infomercial host, was convicted of lying in infomercials about subjects tackled in his book regarding food and calorie restrictions. Trudeau has been in jail since November 12 of last year.

The Federal Trade Commission has asked the infomercial king to pay a fine of $37 million in June 2010, but he has not paid a dime to date. Reports also say that Trudeau has been living an extravagant lifestyle, spending thousands of dollars on draperies, gym memberships, the salon, and first class airfare a few weeks after he was asked to pay the fine. He has also spent six figures on a new Bentley.

Trudeau ordered back to jail after living lavish lifestyle

District Judge Ronald Guzman is slated to impose a sentence, and prosecutors urge him to view a television interview in which Trudeau has admitted to living lavishly and outwardly saying that he is avoiding paying the $37 million fine.

Trudeau’s book entitled The Weight Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About, has reportedly sold 850,000 copies that amount to around $49 million. A percentage of those who bought the book returned them and got a partial refund. The prosecutors accuse Trudeau of preying upon the insecure, the sick, and the poor who want to be wealthy. They also said that Trudeau “exploits consumers’ insecurities and weaknesses, promising them an easy fix for whatever hurts or embarrasses them.”

According to prosecutors, Trudeau’s charges should amount to a maximum of 25 years in prison based on the guidelines on federal sentencing. They are asking the judge to impose at least a 10-year sentence for Trudeau. The defense, on the other hand, says that the portrayal of Trudeau as a huckster has gone too far and that he should only get a sentence of less than two years in jail. They also said that Trudeau has already paid a price, as he is never going to be able to revive his career as a salesman.

Sentencing for Trudeau will be held on March 17.

Kevin Trudeau pitches 'The Weight Loss Cure'

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