Kevin Hart and Ice Cube Join Conan O'Brien on Ride Along With Student Driver

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Kevin Hart and Ice Cube--the stars of Ride Along 2, joined late night host Conan O'Brien and a member of his staff on a ride along. The result was hilarious.

It was on O'Brien's show, Conan, that the ride along began. It started with Conan O'Brien and his employee Diana Chang, who is working toward getting her drivers license.

Conan started by teaching Chang some of the rules of the road. When he brought in Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, however, the ride went from instructional to incredibly funny--almost instantly.

"Rule no. 1: Don't f--k this up," Kevin Hart said.

"We might need you to do a drive by so you gotta know how to slow down and bop bop bop bop," Ice Cube explained, imitating the motion of firing a gun.

When Conan O'Brien said, "bam bam bam bam," Ice Cube told him he had it all wrong.

"That's a bonanza," he said.

When the whole gang encouraged Diana to put step on it, she wouldn't do so until everyone buckled up.

Kevin Hart refused.

"Thug life," he said.

"Tupac [Shakur] was one of the biggest thugs I know," Ice Cube said, "and he always wore his seatbelt."

Can you imagine how much fun it must have been for Diana Chang, doing an actual ride along with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube?

Sorry, Conan, but driving with the late night host couldn't possibly even begin to live up to the fun of driving with the Ride Along 2 stars.

Kimberly Ripley
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