Kesha Enters Rehab For Eating Disorder- Producer To Blame?


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Pop star Kesha lives a fast paced life but doesn't seem like the type of girl to let anything slow her down. Kesha's inner demons have gotten the best of her and the singer recently entered a rehab facility to deal with an eating disorder.

Many young stars find themselves addicted to alcohol, drugs or fighting eating disorders. In fact, the facility that Kesha recently entered is the same one that Demi Lovato stayed in while dealing with an eating disorder of her own.

Kesha informed fans of her decision to enter rehab via Facebook on Friday. Her fans seemed supportive and by the time the weekend was over, the post had almost 50,000 likes.

So what would make someone as fierce and confident as Kesha have an eating disorder?

According to her fans, friends and family members, it was her producer Dr. Luke. Many producers have strict standards for their clients, but Dr. Luke has been rumored to have bashed Kesha for her weight on several occasions, even referring to her as a refrigerator at one point.

Over the last few months, Kesha has slimmed down, which is likely when the eating disorder began. Kesha has shown many times how strong she can be and there is no doubt she will be able to overcome her eating disorder in the next 30 days and come back better than ever.

What do you think of Kesha's eating disorder and decision to enter rehab?

Image via Facebook.