Kerry Kennedy Goes to Trial for Drugged Driving


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On July 12, 2012, Kerry Kennedy, the ex-wife of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, was arrested for drugged driving and causing a vehicle collision on New York City's interstate 684.

Now, the 54-year-old is facing trial for ramming her Lexus into a tractor-trailer truck and yet, continuing to drive after she had blown a tire.

One witness on the stand Monday testified how Kennedy was obviously out of it because she was slumped over on the steering wheel when they approached her vehicle.

Police officers say that Kennedy was detained after failing a sobriety test.

According to Fox News, “Kennedy's blood tests revealed a small amount of the sleeping drug zolpide,” which could, without a doubt, result in sleep–driving while behind the wheel.

On her behalf, her defense attorney has stated how she is well aware of her inexcusable reckless driving episode; however, she wasn't aware that she had consumed any sleeping pills. He even furthered explained how the drug's heavy influence causes one to make unconscious decisions, in which Kennedy experienced that day.

Kennedy claims that she accidentally took sleeping pills instead of her prescribed thyroid medication.

However, prosecutors contested that an unintentional drug mix up doesn't justify the fact that Kennedy caused harm "by failing to stop and pull over as she felt the onset of symptoms."

Kennedy, who is the daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy and the niece of former President John F. Kennedy, is the president of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.

The New York Post reported that Robert F. “Bobby” Kennedy Jr. is begging for leniency towards his sister, who is a global human-rights activist.

“Kerry's been instrumental in freeing political prisoners and dissidents from around the globe from imprisonment and torture,” Bobby said.

Bobby isn't the only person trying to persuade the court system to dismiss charges against his sister.

Multiple letters have come forward, advocating the humanitarian work done by Kennedy. However, they have been rejected as a defense mechanism.

If convicted, Kerry could face a year in jail or community service.

The trial will be a week-long hearing at the state Supreme Court. Kennedy plans to testify in her own defense.

Image via Wikimedia Commons