Kerri Kasem Granted Expanded Authority Over Father’s Health Care

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Casey Kasem’s children say that they have not yet seen their ailing father. At a hearing in Los Angeles, Superior Court Judge Daniel S. Murphy has granted Kasem’s daughter, Kerri, expanded authority over her father’s health care. The judge also ordered Jean Kasem, Casey’s wife, to cooperate with court orders and allow doctors to perform a medical evaluation of her husband.

Furthermore, the court is ordering Jean to surrender Casey’s passport to prevent her from leaving the country with Casey. Judge Murphy suggested that Kerri hire a private investigator, if needed, just to get to her father’s whereabouts. Kerri Kasem, along with her siblings, have been legally battling their step-mother over visitation and authority over their father’s medical care.

Casey Kasem, 82, has been suffering from Lewy Body Disease, which is a form of dementia. He went missing from a care facility in Santa Monica, California, where he was housed. Reports say that he disappeared from the facility a day after Kerri visited him.

According to Martha Patterson, the lawyer working with Kerri, their goal is to get Casey to a hospital. “He’s vulnerable, and we don’t believe he’s benefitting from a vacation in a foreign environment.”

After his disappearance, Casey was found in Washington State. Kerri said that her father was moved from the facility in the middle of the night. “This is a man who has a feeding tube, hooked up to an IV and has dementia. This is not a man who needs to be in unfamiliar surroundings.”

On Monday, Kerri was appointed temporary conservatorship of her father. Her brother and sister have both agreed on a visitation schedule, but they say that Jean has breached their agreed terms.

With the judge’s new conditions for Jean, Kerri is now focused on bringing her father back home. She and her siblings will be directing their efforts on giving their father the proper care that he deserves.

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