Keri Hilson Needs To Worry About Her Man And Not The "Hoes"

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It can annoy the WAGs, or wives-and-girlfriends of sports figures, that while cruising through their man’s social media mentions they happen upon a wall of commentary by thirsty young heifers. It seems these encroaching trollops with nothing better to do with their bodies are daring to throw them at taken men.

This is a common occurrence. Whether the man is taken or not, there is going to be some woman who is both sexually promiscuous and starstruck, desperately wanting to get with a celebrity.

These women are often referred to as “groupies”, even when there are no bands involved.

For Keri Hilson, “groupies” have apparently become something of a pain in the ass and she has had ENOUGH of these women and their shenanigans.

The angry “Knocks You Down” singer took to Twitter to call out these women for their uncouth behavior towards herself and her boyfriend, Oklahoma City Thunder player Serge Ibaka.

While I can applaud Ms. Hilson’s attempt at getting at the crux of the issue, she could have saved each and every one of these tweets unfortunately.

If women don’t care if a man is married and will try and get at him anyway, why on Earth does she think ranting about it on social media will change these women’s minds?

Also, there is this tendency of wives to expect women NOTORIOUS for not caring about morals and other people’s marriages to suddenly do so.

Not happening.

Keri Hilson only has control over one thing, and that's herself.

I can’t even say she has control over her man, because if the comments section on Necole Bitchie is to be believed, the problem could be closer to home than Hilson is prepared to address.

In other words, Hilson needs to have a “don’t be a ho” conversation with her MAN first and foremost, and then trust him to respect their relationship and not cheat on her.

There are two people in their relationship after all, and Hilson and Ibaka are the ones most responsible for keeping their situation intact.

Expecting the thirsty and shameless women of the world to stop trying to muscle in on someone else’s relationship is naive. They are going to be a PERMANENT reality so long as she's with Ibaka.

It’s just one of many prices to pay for being a basketball WAG.

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