Kentucky Fans Lose Their Collective Minds After Beating Louisville


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Here's a pop quiz for sports fans out there: What do you do after your team beats their rival in an important game? Do you:

A. Celebrate with friends
B. Sit back and reflect upon the hard-fought win while smiling to yourself
C. Get online and bask in the glow of your team's victory on various social media sites, or,
D. Go outside to burn furniture, flip cars, and make the fanbase a collective laughingstock?

If you lived in Lexington, Kentucky this past weekend, following the University of Kentucky's win against Louisville on Saturday night, chances are choice "D" featured prominently in your life, especially if you're a UK student who lives near campus. In case you missed it, following the UK/UofL game, Kentucky fans took to the streets and acted like absolute fools by flipping cars over and starting couch fires.

Naturally, the national media got ahold of the story, cementing the collective embarrassment the rambunctious students provided for the rest of the fanbase with.

Examples of the mayhem was, naturally, captured and posted on YouTube: has another collection of videos, but be warned, if you're interested in viewing the page, make sure you have your volume adjusted accordingly. For some reason, the designers decided it was an effective strategy to have all of their embedded videos autoplay at once, and considering the article features seven videos, the result would make the group "Art of Noise" proud.

The local paper also has photo galleries of the student "riots,", which provided the lead image, as well as the subsequent "morning after" pictures. The out-of-control reaction from UK students was even expected, and the head coach, John Calipari, tried to defuse such activity on Twitter:

#BBN, I'm as happy as anyone for our players to win, but please celebrate safely tonight. Remember, we still have one more to go.(image) 1 day ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Unfortunately, Calipari's pleas fell on deaf ears, otherwise known as the ears of drunk students dying to celebrate their team's win in the most noticeable manner possible. In anticipation of tonight's Kentucky/Kansas National Championship game, the Lexington police force is apparently planning on increasing their presence in order to prevent a repeat of Saturday's shenanigans.

In case you're wondering about the non-student reactions the mayhem, the comments section of video article (warning, autoplay) is quite revealing:

Diana Buskirk:

I think there are people out there who use any excuse to vandalize! A celebration is NOT about destroying property. I think they are just plain asinine!



These people aren't real fans...they are thugs!! Celebrate but do it with a bit of class.....don't show the state of KY and the rest of the world just how stupid you are!

Some are even questioning whether or not Kentucky fans deserve to win after such the staggering lack of self-control they exhibited. While I'm not willing to go quite that far, it's easy to see why people would feel that way.