Kentucky Fans Bake NCAA Trophy Cake For Coach Calipari

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Thanks to the ever-growing trend of foodies and foody-related undertakings--like creating replica cakes, for instance--is at an all-time high in relation to popularity. The fact that shows like Cupcake Wars and Cake Boss are sustainable hits only furthers this point. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that someone in Lexington, Kentucky created a cake replica of the National Championship trophy, the same one the Kentucky Wildcats earned a few weeks earlier.

The cake, which can be seen in the lead image, was created/baked by Brandi Romines of Happy As A Lark Cake Creations, and it was done to commemorate UK's eighth championship. In fact, there's a linked image of Romines with Coach Calipari on her business site. The link goes to a page on Shaun Ring's photography site featuring Romines delivering the cake to University of Kentucky. An additional example:


Over at Yahoo's college basketball blog, The Dagger, Romines details the cakes delivery, something that seemed incredibly stressful:

After laying the 22-inch high, 16-inch wide cake on a white sheet in the back of her SUV, Romines climbed in with it to hold it still for the entirety of the 20-minute drive. Her husband Shawn got behind the wheel, turned the air conditioning on full blast to prevent the cake from melting and drove so slowly and cautiously to campus other drivers were honking at him to urge him to go faster.

"My husband and I were both sweating bullets," Romines said. "It was nerve-wracking and exhilarating the whole way there."

The University of Kentucky has also posted a video of the cake being delivered to Coach Cal:

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