Kendra Wilkinson Stands By Her Man, For Now

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Despite cheating rumors, Kendra Wilkinson still (sorta) stands by her man.

"He was never a douchebag," Wilkinson recently told E! News about her husband, Hank Baskett. "He was never an asshole. He's always been the most perfect man on earth.

"Now, he's Superman without the cape," said Wilkinson.

"He needs a lot of work. That's the issue. People looked at him like he was Superman and he probably made one little mistake and now the whole world sees this bad image and I hate that. It's so sad. He does deserve sympathy. He's not a bad guy. He's a very amazing person who was trapped in a very bad situation."

Baskett has denied reports that he cheated on Wilkinson with a transsexual woman.

Wilkinson said her husband, who has denied rumors that he had a tryst with a transsexual woman, is seeking help, which Wilkinson promises will not become public fodder because they will not be airing any therapy sessions on their reality show.

"He's in a lot of therapy, which is not [going to be] on TV," she said. "I believe he's trying to find a way to tell me what really happened."

Obviously, the Kendra on Top reality star is still unsure if her husband is telling the truth and feels some doubt about the future.

"What if there is more that comes out?" she told E! News. "I can't sit here and say I'm going to stay with him and then tomorrow another story comes out. What if this is another Tiger Woods situation?"

The shock of learning that her husband allegedly cheated does not seem to have lessened for the mother of two.

"This has come out of nowhere." said Wilkinson. "It's like I'm living a nightmare. It's so unreal…I can't even wake up from it. Is this really Hank? Is this situation really about Hank?"


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It's been four months since the cheating scandal surfaced, and Wilkinson says she has been close to filing for divorce several times. However, in the end, she just can't quite give up on the love she feels for her husband.

"I'm not the type of person to flip a switch and just shut my love for Hank off," she said of her husband of five years. "I love him so much. That's why I'm in so much pain."

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