Kendra Wilkinson Reconsidering Divorce From Baskett

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Kendra Wilkinson's train wreck of a marriage has unraveled before the eyes of the whole nation.

Her marriage to Hank Baskett hit the rocks when Kendra Wilkinson was informed that Hank had allegedly cheated on her while she was eight months pregnant with their daughter, who is now five months old.

With transgender model Ava Sabrina London.

Their reality show, Kendra On Top, has captured the play-by-play of the whole sordid mess including when Kendra Wilkinson flushed her ring down the toilet and threw their wedding album into the pool.

Kendra Wilkinson had decided that perhaps their marriage could survive the spectacle once Hank apologized, because she didn't want her children to be a product of their rash divorce.


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Wilkinson told People back in September, "I come from a broken home. I come from my mom and dad making a decision literally right in front of me, saying, 'It's over,' and I remember the day that they just split up, and it was over."

"That broke me as a child, and throughout my teenage years, and through now. I've come so close to the divorce. I have met with divorce lawyers," Kendra Wilkinson added.

"But the one thing I can't forget about are these two kids. I was a kid at one point when my parents made a rash decision, and it hurt me still to this day. The one thing that cannot happen is making a quick decision, just based off of what the public thinks I should do. That's the worst thing I can do for myself, it's the worst thing I can do for my two kids."


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Sound thinking. However, that was before audio was released of Hank Baskett allegedly trying to convince his mist(er)ess to let him make $5,000 in deposits to her account.

The problem is, Hank promised Kendra Wilkinson that he hasn't spoken to Ava Sabrina London since "the incident".

An insider told Us magazine, "She thinks that everything he told her is a lie. The sense of trust she was rebuilding with Hank is gone again."

What do you think? Should Kendra Wilkinson kick Hank Baskett to the curb or give him another chance?

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