Kendra Wilkinson Lashes Out At Hank Baskett

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Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett may be trying to work things out and save their marriage, but Kendra has made it perfectly clear that things are going to get worse for Hank before they get better.

Kendra cannot bring herself to trust Hank after what has happened and although she has said that she wants to be able to move forward with their relationship, she feels like Hank isn’t being truthful with her.

On a recent episode of Kendra On Top, Hank and Kendra argue over the affair and when things become heated, it becomes apparent how upset Kendra really is.

"You are going to believe this person over me, and I have believed in you?" Baskett says to Wilkinson.

"You aren't wanted in this house," Kendra shouts at Baskett, before telling him he is in denial about everything that happened and what is going on with their marriage.

Kendra doesn’t think Hank understands how bad things really are and is trying to act like nothing happened and everything is okay.

She needs time to think about everything that happened and weed out the lies from the facts. She can’t start to forgive Hank until he is honest with her.

"I'm so pissed off," she says later to the camera. "It's just beyond anger. How dare Hank think he can just walk into my house with this secret."

Hank is rumored to have cheated on Kendra with a transgender woman. Hank admitted to being with the woman one time but says that he stopped talking to her afterward.

Kendra thinks there may be more to the story than what Hank is admitting but also doesn't believe all of the rumors being spread by the media.

She has been trying to work things out to avoid a divorce, but as the recent episode of Kendra On Top shows, the couple is still struggling to communicate.

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