Kendra Wilkinson Birthday Karaoke With Hank Baskett, Michael Strahan, and Urkel [Pics]

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Kendra Wilkinson is flying high. With a popular reality TV show gig on Marriage Boot Camp, a weekend of trending news on her name, and a newly-revitalized relationship with her husband, the former Playboy Bunny is doing well.

Kendra caught lots of attention this week, but only some of it was due to episodes of Marriage Boot Camp. Folks who read news rather than just watching TV know that Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are doing great now. The reality TV crowd will catch up soon enough.

Kendra's biggest story this week is due to Holly Madison's new book called Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny. It details the time Kendra, Holly, and Bridget Marquardt spent in the Playboy Mansion as Hugh Hefner's three girlfriends.

Holly Madison was pretty brutal about Kendra, calling her "the fakest person I’ve ever met."

According to Madison, the last exchange between her and Kendra was not pretty.

Madison wrote, "Kendra had apparently given an interview to a tabloid explaining that she wasn’t friends with either [myself or Bridget Marquardt] as if she were somehow better than everyone else… Of course I wasn’t going to stoop to her level and address this only on social media, so I decided to text her how I truly felt: that she was a coward and that she tried to act like the ‘real’ girl on TV, but she’s the fakest person I’ve ever met — and that if she had a problem with me, she should have confronted me like an adult instead of just going silent."

Madison says Kendra Wilkinson responded with:


"After that, I deleted her number from my phone," Madison says. "Kendra and I haven't spoken since, and I have to say, I don't miss her."

But Kendra seems to be taking Madison's comments in stride. She celebrated her 30th birthday recently, and she is proud of what shape she and her life are in.

On her birthday, Kendra posted to Instagram, saying:

"I'm never looking back and I'm going to enter the next 10 years with my head up high, forgiveness in my heart and domination in my eyes. LOL....Goodbye 20s and HELLO 30s!!!!!! My 20s were just a warm up..."

She could be referring to Hank Baskett's infidelity with that post. Or she could be thinking about Madison's new book. Or both.

For her birthday, Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett did some karaoke. Lots of people do that on their birthday. But Kendra Wilkinson brought some VIP company to the club.

Hank Baskett posted to Instagram:

I'm really thinking about taking our #karaoke team consisting of me, @kendra_wilkinson_baskett, @mrjaygalvin, @michaelstrahan and @jaleelwhite on the road. #shuttheplacedown last night for Kendra's birthday! #GoodTimes with #GreatPeople #FriendsInLowPlaces

Check that list out. It includes Michael Strahan and Jaleel White -- that's Urkel from TV's Family Matters.

But Hank Baskett did not tag everyone in attendance. Jay Galvin had a longer list of those who joined Kendra Wilkinson for karaoke.

mrjaygalvinJust got #home from #karaoke with @latreal_mitchell @kendra_wilkinson_baskett @hank_baskett @jaleelwhite @jwoww @souleschris @michaelstrahan @officialanneburrell my #concert will be #epic

That list includes Jersey Shore's JWOWW, The Bachelor's Chris Soules, celebrity trainer Latreal Mitchell, and celebrity chef Anne Burrell.

In response to Jay Galvin's post, Kendra Wilkinson commented:

"LMAOOO imagine how I felt this morning... Best birthday EVER!!"

Apparently there was some "Push It" in the karaoke lineup. Kendra commented:

"salt salt salt salt n pepa here"

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