Kendall Jenner: Was Dropping Last Name A Smart Move?

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At least one member of the Kardashian clan has decided that she wants to make a name for herself.

Her own name.

Kendall Jenner is forgoing her last name in a bid to separate herself from the Kardashian-Jenner brand.

Despite the names being worth millions thanks to reality television and other business ventures, 18-year-old Jenner has decided that being known simply by her first name will help her modeling career.

Jenner told US Weekly exclusively that it’s a decision she made in 2013, and that she “did it last year at all the castings”.

If this is a decision that Kendall had made months ago, how is it that gossip news sources have only just now gotten wind of it?

It seems that the story originated through, the source said to have brought it to everyone’s attention.

One can respect Kendall’s integrity. After all, there are certain other top models who leaned really hard on their families' names and connections to get ahead.

Modeling is NOT an easy industry to break into. It’s even harder for models to stay popular as there are always newer (and younger) faces.

Kendall Jenner feels that the Kardashian-Jenner connection may hurt her career aspirations.

In fact, she’s said that before she dropped her infamous last name, it was really hard to book shows.

“People didn’t want to take a chance on me,” Jenner said in a Teen Vogue interview. “Some people might think that what I've done before made it easier for me to get jobs, but it was actually a disadvantage.”

Is it too late for a change?

As Kendall Jenner or just plain Kendall, her association with the Kardashian brand is pretty concrete by this point—it would be very difficult to find a barrage of clients who have NO idea who she is.

Should Kendall have dropped her famous name? Will it help her modeling career? Comment below!

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