Kendall Jenner Hits Beach, Kylie Shows Off Ribcage Tattoo

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Kendall Jenner and sisters Khloe and Kylie hit the beach recently, and one of them showed off a large, intricate tattoo on her ribcage.

The sisters are fond of drawing their own tattoos on one another, so it's likely that Kylie's ink came from a Sharpie, but the photo is making rounds across the web anyway. She also showed off illustrations on both feet of a moon and sun.

The family is on vacation in Thailand and have been posting shots to their Instagram accounts of their adventures in the water. Kylie and Kendall showed off their beach-ready bodies in two-pieces, while Khloe stuck with a sexy one-piece.

The sisters have apparently had a blast on their trip, with Kendall tweeting at one point, "6 am twerk party". The younger siblings are known for their silly sense of humor and made headlines recently when they spoofed Kim's Vogue cover, pasting their own photos over the heads of their sister and Kanye West.

Kendall has been Instagram-happy on the trip as well, posting a photo of herself and Khloe walking through the waves with the caption, "My best friend, soulmate, and...just happens to be my sister."

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