Kendall Jenner Firing Kris Jenner As Her Manager?

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Kendall Jenner is reportedly having doubts about her mother Kris Jenner's abilities to manage her rising modeling career and may soon be asking her to step down as her manager.

Kris has been the "momager" of all of her children's careers, however sources revealed to Grazia magazine via Yahoo that 18-year-old Kendall hopes to move to Paris in the near future and wants to start fresh with a new manager and team.

"She's thought to be considering a move to Paris, and there are whispers Kris may be asked to step down as her manager," the source said.

This comes as no surprise as Kendall has always been one to want to make a name for herself apart from her notorious family. She recently even dropped her famous last name and has decided to go forth in her modeling endeavors by being known as just Kendall.


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“I did it last year at all the castings too!” she said of her name change. “I only go by my first name.”

Kendall also made the choice to move out of her family's mansion as soon as she was old enough. "She's moved out of the family home into her own LA apartment," the source added. "With Kim [Kardashian West] and Kanye [West] living there, everything felt too crazy and she's keen to scale back her involvement in the reality show."


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Kendall previously admitted to asking Kim to not come to her fashion shows. She said she doesn't like the attention that Kim brings, and wants to be accepted on her own terms. "Kendall loves Kim but feels uncomfortable with the fanfare that accompanies her," the source explained.

"She wants to be accepted by the industry on her own terms, which is impossible when Kim and Kanye are arriving in headline-grabbing outfits," the source continued. "Kim means the world to Kendall, and vice versa, but they increasingly belong in different worlds."

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