Kendall Jenner Celebrates Sunset Strip Billboard, Talks Difficulty Breaking Into Modeling Industry

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Kendall Jenner is sporting her Calvins on a new billboard on the Sunset strip. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star recently spoke to People magazine about the achievement, as well as how difficult it was breaking into the fashion modeling industry.

“You have no idea how many doors closed on me and how many adults were either initially reluctant to take a chance working with me or who outright laughed at me behind my back,” she explains. “It was kind of hard because all I was doing was going on go-sees, trying my best to break into this business as a teenager. I am so grateful to Marc Jacobs, Riccardo Tisci, Karl Lagerfeld, and Katie Grand, who took a chance on me that first season and gave me an opportunity. My parents taught me that work ethic is one of the most important keys in life, and I believe it.”

Kendall admits it will take a while getting used to seeing herself on that giant billboard in her Calvins--even though it's something she's wanted for a very long time.

“This will be my first billboard on Sunset, which I’m ecstatic about,” she said. “It’s really humbling, and honestly, I am a pretty shy person, but being part of the Calvin campaign and seeing myself up there will be a dream come true. I might have to eat every night at the Chateau Marmont with that hanging over my shoulder. ‘Oh yeah, that little thing? I didn’t notice.'”

Kendall recently attended a launch party for that billboard, along with good friend and fellow model, Cara Delevingne.

Kendall Jenner recently posed for a fashion shoot with photographer Stephen Klein that will appear in the May issue of V magazine.

“He is such an intensely talented person but he is cool and actually quite hilarious to work with,” she said. “We have some sort of telepathic mojo. This shoot was particularly fun because he brought his three Great Danes. They’re huge and one of them even slightly bit my head, that’s how gigantic he was! My head’s okay though. Any chance that I can work with animals, I’m in.”

Are you surprised to learn that many doors closed in Kendall Jenner's face when she first tried making her way into the fashion modeling industry? Did you think she got in on her Keeping Up With the Kardashians credentials alone?

Fans of Kendall Jenner are no doubt thrilled about her billboard on the Sunset strip. Do you expect the fashion world has seen only a fraction of what Kendall Jenner will one day accomplish?

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