Kelly Ripa Talks Paul Walker With Vin Diesel

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Kelly Ripa and Vin Diesel have a history together. Who knew? The perky host of Live with Kelly & Michael helped the Fast & Furious actor out in his bouncing days.

Apparently, bouncer Vin Diesel convinced some club owners to let him throw a party. Who did Vin call to liven up the shindig? Kelly Ripa, that's who.

"I'm so fun at a party," Kelly Ripa said. Obviously. If anyone seems like they'd be fun at a party, it's Kelly Ripa, right? Vin Diesel confirmed that suspicion.

"She tore the party up," Diesel said.

That's not the only thing Kelly Ripa has been tearing up lately. She has also been tearing up her workout studio while working on her fitness. The late-to-the-instagram-party talk show host posted this photo with her trainer.

But, I digress.

It wasn't all fun and games on Friday's episode of Live with Kelly & Michael, however. Kelly Ripa did delve into the death of Vin Diesel's co-star, Paul Walker. Reportedly, Paul Walker's brothers stepped in to finish filming on the latest movie, which almost got scrapped after Paul Walker's death.

"They don’t teach you in acting how to mourn someone and simultaneously pretend they are in a scene with you," he told Kelly Ripa of finishing the latest Fast & Furious film without Walker. "It's one of the darker moments in my journey ... It was so sudden, so unexpected."

Kelly Ripa also got a chance to see Vin Diesel with hair during his early days as a street performer.

"Let me just tell you, you look so much better without hair," Kelly Ripa said.

He does indeed look great without hair. I agree, Kelly Ripa!

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