Kelly Ripa Co-Host Michael Strahan Gives Away Puerto Rican Vacation by Accident

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Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan are known for making people laugh on Live! With Kelly and Michael. Michael Strahan wasn't laughing earlier this week, however, when he realized he accidentally awarded one of the show's callers a Puerto Rican vacation--and she even hadn't answered the trivia question correctly.

It seems Strahan misheard the caller's answer.

"On yesterday's show, we talked with Jeremy Renner. What sport did Jeremy say he once taught as a part-time job?" he asked the caller, right before a timer giving the caller 20 seconds to answer began to tick.

“Sport?” the caller asked, which Strahan obviously misheard, as he announced, “Bowling! You got it!”

Kelly Ripa loved the fact that her co-host messed up.

“She said sport,” she told Michael Strahan.

“This is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to us,” Ripa told the caller with a laugh.

Michael Strahan was afraid the producers might be upset with him, but soon he realized they were as amused by his mistake as Kelly Ripa was.

The show chose to award the trip to the caller just the same. She will soon be heading to Puerto Rico, while Michael Strahan is likely to be forever ribbed by Kelly Ripa for his mistake.

If this has happened on the show before, it hasn't made news. Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan give away many trips each year to their call-in trivia winners.

Do you suppose Kelly Ripa will talk to the call-ins from now on in light of Michael Strahan's hilarious mistake?

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