Kelly Osbourne Says Zendaya Is Her Friend, Might Leave "Fashion Police"

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Kelly Osbourne took to Twitter earlier this week to clarify some comments made about her in regards to an episode of Fashion Police.

Osbourne said she wanted to clear up some things after her co-host, Giuliana Rancic, made comments about actress Zendaya's hairstyle as she walked the red carpet during the Oscars on Sunday night. Rancic reportedly said she felt that Zendaya's hair--which was styled into dreadlocks--"smelled like patchouli or weed". Afterward, the web fairly blew up with audience reactions, and in the midst of it all Osbourne's name got thrown into the mix. However, she says she never was involved in that critique and wrote on Twitter that Zendaya is her friend.

Now, she says she's seriously considering leaving Fashion Police, although no formal decision has been made. Giuliana Rancic took to social media after the incident and sent an apology to Zendaya but said she hadn't meant the comments in a racial context, but rather she was talking about a "bohemian" look.

Zendaya, upon hearing Rancic's comments, also went to Twitter to post a lengthy note on her thoughts, which is carefully worded and has already received 95,000 "likes".

Amanda Crum
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