Kelly Clarkson Marries Brandon Blackstock

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Sorry boys, Kelly Clarkson is off the market! Clarkson confirmed her marriage to Brandon Blackstock, via Twitter, on Monday along with pictures of the wedding.

The first ever "American Idol" announced her engagement to Blackstock, her managers son and the step-son to the legendary country singer, Reba McEntire, back in December. Rather than following in other celebrities footsteps, Clarkson opted for a small intimate ceremony instead of a big luxurious wedding.

"I thought my mother was going to be disappointed because I'm her baby," Clarkson said of not having a large wedding. "I thought that was going to be weird but she totally got it. She actually responded, 'I'm just happy I don't have to buy a dress!'" She continued saying, "We are a very low-key kind of family. She was just so happy it's not a big ordeal."

And it looks like Clarkson has the baby fever too! When asked in a recent interview if and when she would like children she responded, "Like soon! Brandon, he's a great dad and we wanted to make sure it's cool with [his kids], but they are really pumped about it. We actually probably want two more and he's got two, so four total. The oldest will be in her teens, so that's kind of like a live-in baby sitter!"

She even knows what the gender of her future baby will be: a girl! "I want babies, like, right off the bat! Well, I'm totally gonna have a girl. My first child will be a girl—I know it in my soul."

Congratulations to the happy couple!
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