Keith Urban: New Album, No Word on American Idol


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Australian country music star Keith Urban has officially announced the release date for his new album, Fuse. The music will be released on September 10, right in the middle of his U.S. "Light the Fuse" tour. The tour begins in June with dates in Nashville, Tennessee and ends in December in Louisville, Kentucky.

In addition to his music, Urban gained exposure recently as a judge on the network TV karaoke competition American Idol. It has recently been reported that his co-judges Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson will not be returning for the next season of Idol. Speculation is still surrounding Urban's possible return to the show, but it seems the country star is just as much in the dark as Idol fans are.

According to an Associated Press report, Urban stated this week that he has "no official information" on whether he will return to American Idol. He stated he is "pretty much in the same boat as everybody," and is watching Idol rumors.