Keith Richards Celebrates Another Birthday

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And here I thought the only person I needed to wish a "Happy Birthday" to today was going to be my best friend (Shout out Heather!), but it seems I need to send one to The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards.

The famed rocker turned 70 Wednesday, and many didn't think he would make it this far thanks to his life of excess - drugs, alcohol and his love of cigarettes. He himself has even said, "I was number 1 on the who's likely to die list for 10 years ... I was really disappointed when I fell off that list."

But aging isn't something that seems to bother Richards, "We age not by holding on to youth, but by letting ourselves grow and embracing whatever youthful parts remain."

December 18 isn't just special to Richards because it's his birthday, it also happens to be his 30th wedding anniversary. On this date in 1983 Richards married Patti Hansen. Richards and the former model have two daughters together. Richards also has three children from a former relationship with Italian actress Anita Pallenberg.

Many have already taken to Twitter to wish Richards a "Happy Birthday."

If you would like to wish Richards a "Happy Birthday" you can take to Twitter or you can go to his website to wish him one or even congratulate him on his 30th anniversary to his wife Patti.

Richards will soon be embarking on the "14 on Fire" tour with his Rolling Stones bandmates - Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood. The tour will also include Mick Taylor as a special guest. Taylor played with The Rolling Stones from 1969 to 1974. The tour begins in Abu Dhabi on February 21.

It seems Richards will never give up rock and roll, and fans couldn't be happier about it. In Richards' 2010 autobiography Life he said, "People say 'why don't you give it up?' I don't think they quite understand. I'm not doing it just for the money, or for you. I'm doing it for me."

Image via Richards' official Twitter account.

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