Keira Knightley Wears Wedding Dress To Gala

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Most celebrities wouldn't dream of wearing the same outfit twice, regardless of how much it cost. Keira Knightley doesn't mind it. She recently wore her wedding dress to the Serious Fun gala in London. To make matters worse, this isn't the first time this has happened.

Knightley wore a similar style to the Finch & Partners' pre-BAFTA Bash in 2008. While there is no law that says celebrities can't wear repeat styles, it's pretty much an unwritten rule.

Knightley has always been very stylish and apparently confident, since not many people or celebrities would wear their wedding dress anywhere other than their wedding. In Knightley's defense, the dress is very versatile and it's easy to see why she would fall in love with the design.

To help make her look appear less like a repeat style, Knightley decided to wear some different accessories. She wore a sheer, long-sleeve shirt that included an embellished neckline under the sleeveless pink Chanel Houte Couture dress. The neckline gave the illusion that she was also wearing a necklace.

Although Knightley has gotten some harsh criticism over her decision to wear her wedding dress to an event, she doesn't seem to mind. Sometimes you just love an outfit so much that you want to wear it whenever you can. For Keira Knightley, this outfit is her wedding dress.

Do you think it is okay for celebrities to repeat their favorite outfits? What about their wedding dresses?

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