Ke$ha's in Rehab But She's Not Alone

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For some, New Year's resolutions are small, like trying to be kinder or trying to eat out less, but for others, their goal for the new year may involve a bigger challenge, like trying to stay sober or getting professional help. And it's the same thing for celebrities. Some may want to play a particular role in a movie and others may want to have a successful stint at rehab. But who are some of these celebrities and which ones decided they really needed help last year? To find out we put together a list, which seems even more relevant now since the singer Ke$ha entered a rehab facility this week.

Chris Brown- It's hard to play the bad boy roll without it taking some kind of toll on your personal life, which seems to be the case with R&B star Chris Brown--who seems to be in constant trouble ever since being arrested for domestic violence a few years ago. Back in October of 2013, Brown checked himself into rehab after punching a guy in Washington D.C, so it'll be interesting to see if he's able to pull himself together and turn things around in 2014. Sadly for Brown, his stay at rehab was extended after he broke his mom's car window.

Zac Efron- In September of of last year, TMZ revealed that actor Zach Efron checked himself into rehab for cocaine use. And according to an inside source for the gossip site, he left for rehab while filming the movie "The Neighbors," starring Seth Rogen. "It was common knowledge he was struggling with cocaine," said the insider. The year 2014 will be the year that things can either go North or further South for Efron, as he tries to get his career back on track.

Josh Brolin- Respected actor and ex-husband of Hollywood star Diane Lane checked into rehab in November of last year, after having some very public run-ins with the police and a bar bouncer. After these episodes, Brolin said he wouldn't drink anymore, but he was unsuccessful, and that's when he decided to get professional help. With Brolin being such a great actor and a well-known talent, it would be a wasteful shame if he didn't pull it together this year.

Lindsay Lohan- For the past few years, it's hard to think about Lindsay Lohan without thinking of drug use, arrests and rehab--and 2013 didn't seem to change that at all. In May of last year the 27-year old entered the Betty Ford Center after receiving a court order to enter another rehab clinic called Morningside Recovery. Reportedly, Lohan chose Betty Ford because she was more familiar with the staff and felt it was a better facility all around. Fortunately, the "Mean Girls" actor started looking much healthier as 2013 was ending, which could be a sign that she's on her way to turning her negative image around.

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