Kaylan Mahomes Takes Social Media by Storm: Who is the Mom, Who are the Teenage Daughters?

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Kaylan Mahomes shared a photo on social media recently of herself with her twin sister Kyla and their mom. That photo is taking the internet by storm, as most people can't discern who is the mom and who--of the three photographed--are the twin teens.

The photo has now been retweeted more almost 30,000 times, placing Kaylan Mahomes on "trending" lists all over the internet.

Can you tell which of the three is the mom?

Some assumed--based on the way Kaylan Mahomes captioned the photo--that "Mom" is on the left, then Kaylan's twin in the middle, with Kaylan on the right.

Kaylan received many comments from viewers assuming the three were triplets.

A few days later the Indianapolis high school student confirmed the initial theory and admitted that yes, her mom appeared at the left of the shot, and is wearing a black blazer in the photo. That means Kaylan Mahones, the girl whose picture took the internet by storm, is pictured on the right.

Kaylan Mahomes had no intention of "breaking the internet" when posting this shot. She was shocked to learn how many viewers her tweet received--and is still receiving to this very day.

Kimberly Ripley
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