Katy Perry's Cartoonish Segway Accident At 'Burning Man' Festival Is Hilarious!

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Katy Perry was just one of the celebrities spotted partying at Burning Man festival in Nevada. Perry learned that while she was dressed appropriately for the occasion, there is still one thing she needs to polish--her scooter riding skills.

The pop star was wearing a thick fur coat, goggles to protect her eyes from the dust, short skirt and a tiny studded back pack while trying to balance herself on the scooter. Perry shared on Instagram a video of herself riding and falling off a Segway scooter. The 30-year-old singer tried so hard to hone her Segway-riding skills despite the heat and dust, but failed. The hilarious Instagram video shows Perry balancing on the two-wheeled transporter. At the beginning, it looked like she was doing it right. The scooter spun in circles until she lost her balance and stumbled. She then tried to get back again. However, the "Fireworks" singer ended up chasing the Segway scooter through Nevada’s Black Rock desert.

??obvious first time burner alert??

A video posted by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

Alongside the funny video, she wrote, "Obvious first time burner alert." Yes, even talented people like Perry need help in that department.

Despite her failed attempt to ride the Segway scooter, Perry looked like she enjoyed the whole experience and the festival itself. From what can be seen from the video, the singer just laughed when she ran after her scooter.

There were musicians playing in the background on one of the weird-looking mobile structures especially built for the Burning Man festival. The one behind Perry looked like a giant tank with lots of bicycles strapped onto the lower part of the structure.

Other celebrities seen having fun at Burning Man were Shanina Shaik and actress and human rights activist, Susan Sarandon.

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