Katy Perry Movie Documents Her Failing Marriage

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Songstress Katy Perry, who has managed to win over the hearts of millions with her love of candy-colored hair, makeup, and clothes, often puts heartfelt lyrics to a catchy, bubblegum beat, using her danceable music to deal with larger issues. That facade has never been as evident as it is in her new movie, "Katy Perry: Part Of Me", which debuts on July 15th.

The film is part documentary, part concert tour, and the cameras were rolling when news broke around the world that her marriage to comedian and actor Russell Brand was over. Her grueling schedule meant she had to spend increasing amounts of time away from Brand while they were married, even though she told her management team that the longest she wanted to be away from him was two weeks. The long hours and time spent apart began to take a toll on the couple; the breaking point came when she was informed they would have to be apart for 18 days. Perry was heartbroken when the relationship ended.

"The truth is I'm a romantic and I believed in the fairy tale. . .I did everything I could but it still failed," she said. "The dream of being in love is a lot different than the reality of making it work."

But the movie is more than just a fairytale gone bad; it's also a telling of the long road she traveled to get to where she is, despite a lot of people's beliefs that she was an overnight success. It also chronicles the behind-the-scenes moments of her life on tour, which no one is really privy to except those closest to her.

Fans on Twitter are voicing their eagerness for the movie's debut:

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